Visa type: Partner Visa Subclass 309
Country of Origin: Japan
Date: 23 May 2017

Dear Ernie,

I just had to write this email to say how much we appreciate the extensive amount of work you have put in on our case. I truly believe respect is hard earned and is extremely rare nowadays, but I have to say with the amount of work, above and beyond what you could have done. After all the disappointing decisions from immigration we had got to the point that we thought it may be impossible to have a life in Australia for us, so we didn’t know which way to turn. For all your hard work, you have my highest respect and our deepest of thanks.

Akiko & Graeme

Visa type: Skilled Independant – Subclass 189
Country of Origin: India
Date: 01 Apr 2016

It has been a long road since our first meeting in 2013. I remember i met Anthony and Martin in most difficult time of my life. I had great pleasure working together with you. We know this was not an easy matter, but it was always handled with utmost care and professionalism by you and your staff. You were always easy to reach and available on short notice to fix potential problems and explain the ongoing process. This is Australia Highly recommended. Thank you.


Visa type: Subclass 186
Country of Origin: India
Date: 01 Feb 2016

I am so happy to finally be a permanent resident! Couldn’t have done it without you guys, a big thank you for the This is Australia team, especially Martin, Anthony and Steve.

I have been with them since my graduate visa in 2011 to my ENS 186 in 2016, more than five years! Your client service is impeccable. You guys have always been contactable, professional and supportive.

I will strongly recommend to my friends and their families to use the services from This is Australia team for the migration assistance.


Visa type: Subclass 187
Country of Origin: India
Date: 05 Oct 2015

My friend has suggested me to take advise from This is Australia as my course was not in SOL list. I booked an appointment with Mathew and was very satisfied from the feedback provided as he read my case in detail and the service provided was also free of cost. On the day, I decided to get the service from ‘This is Australia’. My case was very complicated and because of my lawyer and the team all went well. I am proud to be the client of ‘This is Australia’ and would always recommend their service to all my friends.

A big thank you to the team of ‘This Is Australia’ for helping me in getting my dream come true.

Thanks for your help. I am very grateful to all staff and am very satisfied for the service you provide with great efficiency.


Visa type: Skilled Nominated – SC190
Country of Origin: Scotland, United Kingdom
Date: 20 Aug 2015

“This Is Australia was recommended to me by a friend. I contacted Martin and his team and found them to be extremely helpful, friendly and professional during the whole process from start to finish in my quest to obtain the Subclass 190 PR visa. They responded promptly to every email I sent, and were very patient with my numerous questions and concerns. I received my visa grant this morning and my family and I are about to live our dream in Queensland thanks to this outstanding team! I’d thoroughly recommend This Is Australia to anyone looking for a first class service”


Visa type: ENS – SC186
Country of Origin: India
Date: 26 Mar 2015

Without “This is Australia” my dream to become a permeant resident in Australia never become true. The service was very appreciable and I recommended this is Australia to everyone for their migration queries.

Thank you so much!


Visa type: 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
Country of Origin: Japan
Date: 16 Mar 2015

My wife and I have finally have permanent residency in Australia. Even though we are not good at English speakers. However, we have met a great agency, which is This is Australia, and they served us a fantastic job. They are well managed for everything. Also, consultation was very kindly and easy to understand what the next steps are. We believe that the This is Australia is one of the best agencies in Australia.

So, we want to thank everyone for their support and services that you most satisfied for sure. Thanks so much for your help, we cannot express how happy we are. Stuart, thank you for everything. We appreciate it very much.

Takeshi Saitoh

Visa type: 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
Country of Origin: Brazil
Date: 12 Mar 2015

Thank you so much Stuart/Anthony and all This is Australia’s team for your support.

You helped me, in a professional way, to achieve my dream of getting my Australian Residency.

I’m extremely grateful.

All the best for you and your family.

Cintia Bembibre

Visa type: RSMS – SC187
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Date: 12 Mar 2015

In January 2013, after months of planning, we arrived to Australia.

To that completely new world, where everything was so different from anything we knew from back home-Slovenia. With a lot of hard work and studying, we were determent that this is the place where we want to live.

After going thru different migration agencies, where agents were only after our money, on the recommendation of our friend we finally knocked on the door of “This is Australia” migration agency.

After first meeting, we were presented with facts, and also with solutions. It’s not always nice to hear the truth, but they were “straight forward”.

And that’s what matters most!

Those lovely people at “This is Australia” migration agency know what they are doing, and the most important thing of all; they are always there to help in any matter!

With other words, they are true professionals.

There is not enough words, to thank them for all the work they have done for us, being patient when we were panicking and putting up with our “changes at the last moment”.

Anyway, in March 2015 we became Permanent residents of this beautiful country, and on behalf of me, my wife and our son Liam, I can only say Thank you “This is Australia” migration agency.

Damjan, Brigita & Liam

Visa type: ENS – SC186
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Date: 05 Mar 2015

Dear Mat, Anthony & Team,

It is with pleasure that I can now sit relaxed and write this letter as a permanent resident of Australia!

Prior to first meeting Gary from the ‘This is Australia’ team at a convention in Glasgow, UK over 4 years ago, we could only ever dream of being in the position that we are now in.

Fast approaching 45 at the time, the team tried everything to see if it would be possible to complete visa application prior to my next birthday and also the cut-off point for application. Unfortunately at the time this was not possible, due to trade test dates etc . No charges were forwarded to me, which at least proved I had picked the right migration company after hearing some of the horror stories.

The following year things changed, with the government raising the age limit to 50 and so, back in contact with the team.

After being advised I would need Employer Sponsorship, the process began and advice was even given on how to find suitable employers and how to put myself in the most favorable position.

We as a family were guided through every step in a relaxed and controlled manner, firstly through the sponsorship visa and then on to the permanent residency visa applications with the Grand finale being a personal phone call from Mathew Perich informing and congratulating us on being awarded our PR.

We as a family would like thank you for all your efforts and also for making the whole process so calm and relaxed!

Andy & Family

Visa type: Skilled Independent – SC189
Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
Date: 11 Feb 2015

Thank you This is Australia for all your help especially Martin and Tony. Very professional, friendly and helpful group of people I would recommend anyone to you guys you did an amazing job for me and my son. Wouldn’t have done it without your help.