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This Is Australia with our affiliate at TIA Lawyers has been providing Australian Citizenship advice and assistance since 2001.

With our representation and management of the process, our mission is to make applying for Australian Citizenship to the Department of Home Affairs a straightforward process for you.

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5-Step Process

We encourage you to first read the Australian Citizenship Requirements and all below information before you begin.

Step 1: Complete our simple online form and upload the required documents

Step 2: A migration lawyer from our office will review all information provided, request more information (if required) and provide written advice on your eligibility for Australian Citizenship (Cost: $350 + GST).

Step 3: Receive an offer from us for full representation and management of the Australian Citizenship application process (Optional). Additional professional fees will apply for full representation.

Step 4: Conditional of appointing us to Step 3, we will lodge your Citizenship application on your behalf (please refer to applicable government application fees below).

Step 5: Pass the Citizenship Test to attend the Citizenship ceremony and become an Australian Citizen!

Optional (Step 3) representation includes:

  • Full project management of your application with deadline tracking from commencement until a decision by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).
  • Drafting of documentation to match your particular set of circumstances, as well as document checklists and pre-drafted application forms to take the stress of paperwork away. Our aim every time is to lodge ‘decision ready' applications where required documents are supplied at lodgement.
  • Lodgement of your application with the correct processing centre and liaising with the DOHA on your behalf to ensure you are kept up to date with any information that arises with your application. We guarantee that you'll be notified of relevant updates on your application.
  • On-site Commissioner of Declarations and Lawyers means that all your relevant documents can be certified for free at our office, alleviating the burden of arranging this yourself.
  • Multilingual staff who speak English, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tagalog, Cebuano and Bahasa Malaysia.

Australian Citizenship Application Fees:

Age Government Application Fee
15 years or younger with parental consent: AUD $330
Aged 16 or 17: AUD $330
Aged between 18 – 59: AUD $540
Aged 60 years or over: AUD $330

Fee concessions

No fee is payable for children 15 years or younger applying on the same form as a parent.

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