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Featured image for “Changes to Partner Visa Program”

Changes to Partner Visa Program

As part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget, the Government announced that it will implement reforms to strengthen the integration outcomes …read more


Featured image for “New Travel Exemption For Prospective Marriage Visa Holders”

New Travel Exemption For Prospective Marriage Visa Holders

Love is in the air and so is your aircraft. If you are overseas and have a Prospective Marriage (subclass …read more


Featured image for “Saving Money on a Student Budget”

Saving Money on a Student Budget

Managing your money is a challenge at the best of times, but keeping your personal finances in check while studying …read more


Featured image for “Pharmacist Added to PMSOL”

Pharmacist Added to PMSOL

The three occupations of Hospital Pharmacist (251511), Industrial Pharmacist (251512) and Retail Pharmacist (251513) have been added to the Priority …read more


Featured image for “Best Time to Transfer Funds into Australia This Year”

Best Time to Transfer Funds into Australia This Year

There hasn’t been a better time this year to transfer money into Australia from overseas. The Aussie Dollar is at …read more


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Gold Coast Notary Services Available

Anthony Perich is a Notary Public admitted to practice as a Notary Public in both New South Wales and Queensland. …read more


Featured image for “Top 10 Beaches on the Gold Coast”

Top 10 Beaches on the Gold Coast

With its 57 km long golden coastline, its world-class surf breaks and its subtropical climate, the Gold Coast definitely ranks …read more


Featured image for “Fee Increases You Need to Know About”

Fee Increases You Need to Know About

It’s a new financial year and we all know what that means: money matters! In migration circles, there have been …read more


Featured image for “New DAMA Planned in Western Australia”

New DAMA Planned in Western Australia

The city of Karratha in Western Australia is hoping to soon have it’s own DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement). What …read more


Featured image for “Springtime in Surfers Paradise”

Springtime in Surfers Paradise

With the winter solstice in our rear-view mirror and the optimism of post-Covid ‘freedom’ in the air, the timing is …read more


Featured image for “Post-Covid Recovery Plan Kicks into Gear”

Post-Covid Recovery Plan Kicks into Gear

In an absolute blessing for businesses and migrants alike, the Australian government has added a raft of occupations to the …read more


Featured image for “Far North Queensland DAMA Changes”

Far North Queensland DAMA Changes

To make the FNQ DAMA more relevant and beneficial for businesses to address chronic skills shortages, the Cairns Chamber of …read more


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