Bupa Medical Visa Services to conduct immigration health examinations in Australia


Bupa Medical Visa Services to conduct immigration health examinations in Australia

Bupa logoOn 25 July 2014 Medibank Health Solutions will cease operations as the department’s migration medical services provider.

The department has selected a new service provider, Bupa Medical Visa Services, to deliver these services. Bupa Medical Visa Services was successful in securing the new contract after being found to offer the best value for money to the Commonwealth and services to the client.

If you need to arrange an appointment to undergo your immigration health examinations in Australia on or after 28 July 2014, you will need to contact Bupa Medical Visa Services and arrange an appointment at one of their clinics – or with one of their partner clinics or regional providers..

For advice on the new immigration health examination arrangements, including how to contact Bupa Medical Visa Services and information about fees and charges:

See: Changes to migration medical service provider arrangements

For specific advice for clients undergoing Carer visa assessments in Australia:

SeeUpdate on carer visa assessments

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding this change are also provided below.

Frequently asked questions

Where will Bupa Medical Visa Services clinics be located?

Bupa Medical Visa Services will be opening a range of new purpose-built visa medical assessment centres in major Australian cities.  They will also operate a network of new medical clinics with partners Primary Health, Sonic and selected independent providers in regional areas from 28 July 2014.

For information on clinic locations of the new service provider visit Bupa Medical Visa Services website or contact Bupa Medical Visa Services by phone on 1300 794 919.

Note: Bupa Medical Visa Services will not have Regional Medical Practitioners in the same clinic locations as Medibank Health Solutions.

I need to complete a Carer visa assessment how does this change impact me?

See: Update on carer visa assessments

I have already completed my immigration health examinations will this change impact me?

The change to Bupa Medical Visa Services should have no impact on the processing of your visa application.  Together with Bupa Medical Visa Services, we are committed to ensuring that continuity of services is maintained throughout the transition with minimal impact to our clients.

Where do I send further medical information if I originally attended Medibank Health Solutions to complete my immigration health examinations and my results have not yet been finalised?

If Medibank Health Solutions has provided you with a letter requesting further medical information, you should forward the requested information directly to Bupa Visa Medical Services preferably by email to: DOHA-Enquiries@bupamvs.com.au.

Note: health exams generally have a validity period of 12 months. Therefore, if you completed your original health exams more than 12 months ago, Bupa Visa Medical Services might request new health exams as per the department’s health policy requirements.

If you want to determine the current status of your immigration health examination results, please contact Bupa Visa Medical Services on 1300 794 919.

What happens to information I have already provided to Medibank Health Solutions?

Medibank Health Solutions will make every effort to process your application and results of your medical prior to 25 July 2014. If, due to the requirements of your case Medibank Health Solutions are unable to finalise it, it will be passed to the new service provider in accordance with our privacy requirements.

Bupa Medical Visa Services will ensure that individual privacy will be maintained. Bupa Medical Visa Services will not share any medical information with Bupa Health Insurance or any other third parties.

When will Medibank Health Solutions’ Regional Medical Practitioners stop conducting appointments?

The last appointments will be conducted on 23 July 2014. Appointments with Bupa Medical Visa Services will be available from 28 July and you can contact Bupa to make an appointment from 21 July 2014.

For all appointments in regional Australia after this date, please contact the new service provider on 1300 794 919. To locate your closest clinic visit Bupa Medical Visa Services website.

How will clients benefit from the new arrangements?

The change to the new service provider will bring a number of enhancements that will result in the delivery of high quality and efficient services to meet the required client service standards.

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